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Social justice

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nicolaus Dinter Hamburg, 31.05.2018, 20:16 Uhr
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act fast, the world move as you want or not
act fast, the world move as you want or not  Bild: Lord Nicolaus Dinter

Hamburg [ENA] I have a dream of a world where work makes a human honored. That income and social planing give respect to each other. That people learn to visit each other with respect. That social system give people the power to grown. So I have a dream to live with out to fight each day for breadcrump.

Social justice?! – An inspiration to chance. Today I got a short discussion with a German politician about the unconditional income. And he told me that politicians understand that it is an income where people should not get child benefit, raising allowance or help if the handicapped or have disables bodies. The income should not higher than 400.00 Euro in a month. And they will no other help. Especially it will only valid for German, foreign will get more.

That is not that way which is usefully. We in German have a got a social law which is complicated as anyone can imagine. We have 12 books of social law. And they bespeaks each other’s. So if we do a ground income, we must do it so high that people can exists. I found 1,500.00 Euro for each German citizen. German citizen are people which life in German and have a permission to stay endless in German or own a German passport. In the moment foreign people have a higher income than German. That is done by reforming the law for foreignness. But they forgot often to reform the income of Germans. The credit law founded from each credit person an income higher than 2,000.00 Euro in a month before they can response a credit.

eating is one right....

So this is the mark where people have a minimize income. Of course the social law must reformed but how and how quick will be seen to the future. It is not important to get all in a week, it is important to find a direction of a way which is helpful to let the people grown. So as they must be able to save up for they pensions. All this is in the moment not able, if you have a German passport. I do not want to change the help for families or education for each. Or…Or…To make the income higher than nothing; means to give the people the possibilities to grown. I mean I love to work, but if no one have enough income to stay a life, they will not spend money more than necessary.

So I can write or paint or photograph or can produce environmental friendly products, no one can spend money for this products, because they havened. Fair payment is of course important, but companies must be able to pay. To give a concept in every detail means to make people uniform. And kill any kind of individuality. A concept like a ground income means to find a ground where you did start. So work is an individual system of self-esteem and self-honor. You can’t aspect that everyone think like you do or get the same inspiration of work. If I start with an inspiration I would give for a single house hold 1,500.00 Euro, plus 400.00 – 500.00 Euro free income. If some got more, as an employer, cut 90% from the lying over income.

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Of course self-employer and others must get other rules. Each child need in a month around 700.00 euro to stay. Of course childhood, school, education must be free. Universities must be free or give in a time of 30 years to pay university by education insurances. So as you can see it is a process it is not able to change an economy structure in a day, as specially that what is so destructive like the German. If a par-ship stay together the income should stay by 2,500.00 Euro in a month, of course the plus could be less than 400.00 euro; so as the minus of 95% from the lying over income.

So it is a start I do, but it is not finish. It is a respect of democracy; I make a dream of a better future and construct an idea. But the place for each individual human must come by discussion and place for existing and growing. To cut discussion, to cut or forbid individuality and place to protect a countries aborigine’s is to cut the human rights. Also if a country done this it needs 25 years to get respect back to the country. In Germany human rights treat with feeds and people grown up to get a life in black market or drug-dealing. So it takes a generation to change the opinion of human rights and democracy. But I have a dream of a country where each individualist can life in respect and earn an income which allowed to stay a life.

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